More About – Meet Yer Farmers!

Sweet Digz Farm is owned and operated by
Kareno Hawbolt and Kimi Hendess.  We began at our current location in 2013,  when we found land to lease and began the slow and steady task of cleaning up and opening up this amazing land.

We are passionate about organic agriculture, learning to be good earth stewards, mentoring beginner farmers while learning from “old-timers”, and contributing to a healthy and engaged community through the offering of delicious local food.

Kareno has farmed ever since apprenticing in 2002, when she left her early career as a teacher and discovered her passion for growing food and getting really dirty!  She farmed for 8 years with several farms on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, where she dove deep into the organic farming community, learning an ethic of generosity, collaboration, and respect for the craft of farming.   After moving back to her hometown of Richmond, Kareno spent several years as the farm manager at The Sharing Farm,  instructor of the organic crop production and seed saving component of Kwantlen University’s Richmond Farm School program, and mentor to many new farmers in their practicum course.

Kimi came to farming later in the game.
After years of work in the non-profit world of environmental education and advocacy, and then discovering a love of “rural life”, a passion for plants led Kimi to dabble in permaculture, landscaping, and orcharding.  Later, a practical goal to learn hands-on skills (and have a family off-farm income!) inspired her to train as a carpenter.  After 7 years of working on renos, laneway homes, and design/building a custom tiny house, Kimi fully dove into farming (and running a farm business!), when Sweet Digz Farm was born.  She’s loved weaving these interests together by teaching Small Farm Construction skills through the KPU Richmond Farm School, and enjoys sharing business, marketing, and farmer resiliency insights with fellow small-scale farmers through various workshops and conferences of young farmers.

We dearly miss and will always love River, our favourite best farm dog ever, who left this world in 2020. She helped make Sweet Digz Farm what it is and built so much community with our customers and the many non-human inhabitants of the land where we farm. 🙂