How our CSA Works

2021 CSA Update here.

Secure your supply of seasonal produce in the Spring…

…receive it delivered to your door for 17 weeks June through October….

…and enjoy delicious, nutritious, beautiful, ecologically-grown and reeeeally local veggies all season long!

Below is info about:
Cost, Delivery, What you get in a CSA share, and Payment.

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Cost (2020)
17 weeks @ $35.29 per week (includes delivery)

Delivery Day *NEW in 2020*:
Choose your Delivery Day – either Thursday OR Saturday.
The specific timing on that day will be determined by our delivery team, once we create the delivery route, close to the start of the CSA.

Tentative Dates for 2020
(depending on weather, but this is the plan)
June 11 – October 1

Delivery Location
We deliver to a secure, shaded spot at your home or a pre-arranged secure location within our delivery area (most areas in Richmond west of No.6 Rd).
Multi-unit homes: A condo or townhouse with a ground-floor secure spot are fine, but we cannot enter a building to deliver to your door.  It must be possible to leave your veggies in your CSA bin even if you are not home.  Contact us if you have questions about your location.

What you get as a CSA Member
17 weeks of farm-fresh ecologically-grown veggies
delivered to your door.

Bonus! Over the course of the season, occasionally you get extra veggies as a CSA bonus – when we have abundance, we pass it on in gratitude.  It’s a “veggie return on your investment” in us.

Our very best! You are the heart of our farming season – we always put our CSA first, we plan our crops for you, and we time our harvest to ensure you get the freshest, most diverse and delicious veggies our farm produces!

Occasional member newsletter keeping you connected to the farm & updates on issues important to local agriculture, what’s in your box, storage & prep ideas, nutritional info, recipes, and whatever we’re excited about at the time!

“Fill Yer Boots” bulk order in the fall.  We aim to offer our Members a bulk order to stock up on roots, squash & fall crops….assuming our crops are plentiful enough to do so.

Our thanks for supporting Sweet Digz Farm:  With your up-front payment, we get an influx of funds early in the season, when our expenses are high and our source of income still hasn’t sprouted out of the soil.  We are so grateful for this community support!
You’re making a difference in supporting local food security, ecologically regenerative agriculture, and positive solutions to climate change and the myriad of global issues connected to a massively unjust and unsustainable global industrial food system!

🙂  Three meals a day, you can be the change you want to see in the world.

What’s in a Box?
Each box contains about 10-11 items, always a diverse mixture of greens, roots, herbs, and seasonal veggies.  For Example:

  • Early-Summer: salad mix or lettuce, broccoli, sweet hakerei turnips, carrots, chard, fava beans, kohlrabi, garlic scapes, parsley, zucchini.
  • Late-Summer: potatoes, corn, regular or heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, fresh onion, garlic
  • Fall: potatoes, broccoli, beets, tomatillos, cucumbers, swiss chard, radishes, sweet peppers, leeks, and winter squash.


Payment Schedule

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CSA Fees are non-refundable.  See “Member Agreement” on the Registration Form for our policy on withdrawal.



Frequently Asked Questions
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Why a CSA?
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