What our CSA members say

Here’s what some of our CSA members say.
So much veggie love!

Dear Potential CSA member.  
If you are thinking is this CSA thing worth it? Will I like these veggies? Will I get things my family will eat? Honestly I can tell you my family and I had all of these questions and more BUT we took a leap of faith because we wanted to support our local farmers and food sources and believed this is the best way to do it. 
In our house every Thursday during the summer months it was ”Christmas in a blue box day“! It was so much fun to see all of the beautiful crispy fresh veggies emerging from the box onto our counter. Everyone got excited! Some veggies honestly I had NO IDEA what they were but with Kimi’s explanations and recipe suggestions that come weekly we built new veggies into our repertoire easily and now some are our new favourites! I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate this box of goodness and these talented farmers. Feeding my family the best produce I can is an incredible feeling. In my family’s humble opinion it is MORE than worth it and you will not regret it!
-Suzie Thomas

CSA from Sweet Digz is a game changer. Our delivery would come Thursdays, so when I would get home, there was no thinking involved. I would get so excited looking into that bin to discover what delicious food I get to make for supper. Every week it’s something different and many times there would be a new item in there that we had not tried before. Last year when there were sunchokes in the bin, I was hesitant on how to prepare them. No need to worry because there would always be a recipe or two included in either the bin or an email. These ladies provide such an essential service to the community. Being vegetarian, my family relys on good, organic veggies and Sweet Digz comes through every week. I believe it is so important to support local farmers and Kimi and Kareno make it so easy to support.
-joanne stanke

I’ve been a CSA member of Sweet Digz for a few years now, and I cannot recommend it enough! It’s really important to me to support local business, farmers, and our community and this is one way I can do that. I love getting a bunch of fresh, locally grown veggies each week. I was worried at first that I would have too many vegetables, but there is always a great variety and amount; and if I don’t use something I share with neighbours or freeze it for when I need it.
One of my favourite things to do with my Sweet Digz veggies is: near the end of the season I throw everything into a pan (zucchini, squash, onions, garlic, leeks, kale, swiss chard, carrots, and tomatoes) then let it simmer into an amazing sauce that I freeze. I love being able to open up my freezer through the winter and use this sauce for pizza, soup, and pasta!
-Rikki C.

I love the thrill of surprise and seeing the variety of vegetables that I am getting each week never ceases to amaze me.  I love the recipes ideas and newsletters that you send out.  Loved making tomatillo salsa, something I had never made before! Love the challenge of trying to eat everything (and when I couldn’t my friends were happy to enjoy)!
Produce is delicious, fresh and local! I believe in supporting our local farmers and I feel healthier eating more vegetables. Produce is delivered each Thursday and is pretty much delivered on time. I usually made a frittata that my daughter and I could take to work, eat for breakfast or have as a snack.  Every vegetable could be used up this way! Loved trying so many vegetables like the sweet turnips, golden beets, radishes (butter and radish sandwiches!) cucumbers, garlic scapes, new potatoes, sweet cherry tomatoes!!!! Everything absolutely delicious.  I would highly recommend the CSA box.  Great to share with a neighbour if you think you cannot eat all the produce, but it is so delicious you might be surprised!
-Marie E Thom

I highly recommend The CSA Box.  I was introduced to Sweet Digz last summer and my family enjoyed an abundance and variety of beautiful and clean veggies each week.   We’re looking forward to this year’s harvest! 
Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us healthy!

We are so blessed to have Sweet Digz organic produce in our community!  The care and dedicated organic farming of Kimi and Kareno have produced  a variety of delicious fresh and healthy vegetables.  A great and tasty way to celebrate the growing and harvesting season!
Delivery of the CSA boxes is an added bonus too!
-Milka & Kata

The vegetables are robust: bursting with freshness and flavour. Many kinds can be eaten raw. Also, there are extraordinary varieties. I prefer using spices in my cooking to create vegetable stews: South Asian or Italian style. My family empties the pot, as the flavours really come through.
-Sylvia Wright

From Members who share a box
(or used to and got hooked so now they get a full box 🙂

The legendary duo of Kimi & Kareno at Sweet Digz Farm makes being a CSA member the best and easiest decision ever !! Their love for their farm and the industry shines brightly through their quality produce . Through the CSA experience my family and I were able to enjoy a vast variety of nutritious veggies  and also feel Proud of supporting a local business.  Because these veggies were local ( not to mention ORGANIC!!!) we were able to enjoy copious amounts of fresh veggies and also  found ourselves eating more veggies ( especially the kiddies !!)
We will admit, we were hesitant on joining the CSA, as we were unsure we would be able to finish our veggies within the week. Therefore, we ended up sharing our first  CSA with a friend, but figured out very quickly we needed our own!  This year we will be going ahead again with CSA (without sharing) and spreading the awesomeness of, Sweet DIgz Farm and their CSA!!!!
-Derek & Tracy , Richmond BC

“My family has shared a box since Sweet Digz started.  I have found that there is way too much food for 2 of us so we share with our daughters and their family.  Our grandkids get to eat great veggies. I find that I split the salad mix and any veggies that are easy so split but things like kale and Swiss chard we eat it one week and the others get it the next time it comes. We alternate getting beets. There is always a fight as to who gets the potatoes and carrots when they first come in.  If some of the family are away we share with friends. We don’t ever want good veggies to go to waste. We definitely eat more veggies in the summer. 
The vegetables we get from the farm are always top quality, clean and very fresh.
They are a credit to Richmond’s small farm community.
-The Rogerson McGregor family.