November Order

Ordering is now closed for our November sale.

If you ordered and are checking back for pick-up and payment details, read on and please check your email for pick-up location.

Order process:
1. Complete the form below.
2. Within 24 hours, we will send a reply that we received your order, including pick-up time & location details.
3. We will then harvest & assemble orders. We will do our best to email you the week prior to pick-up with a confirmation that we have your items and your total owing. If you do not hear from us, we’ll have your total for you at pick-up. If we sell out of items you requested, we will contact you as soon as we are able.
4. Payment: You may pay at pick-up OR within 7 days of pick-up. We take e-transfer and cheque. Sorry, no cash due to COVID-19, and no credit/debit card payment due to lack of that technology.

Minimum Order: $15

Order deadline:
8am Tuesday November 24th. Availability is first come-first serve*, so order ASAP!

*Depending on circumstances, if an item becomes sold out, it is possible that we may reduce the maximum limit of that item per customer.

Pick-Up Date:
November 28th 11am-3pm

This is the only pick-up option for this order.
For COVID safety, masks are mandatory at pick-up – thank you!

Pick-Up Location:
Finn Rd (same as last time) – a friend’s farmhouse in south Richmond. We will send the address in the confirmation email.
*We are no longer using our regular market location of past years.