Veg Info for Online Sale

Here’s a bit of info about the various options on our November order form:

Brussels Sprouts
sold by the stalk, $3/stalk

4.5lb bag = $10, max 4 bags

Beets, red
available as regular sized or small sized beets
4.5lb bag = $12, max 3 bags

Winter Squash
We still have some Butternut and Acorn squash available.
Check out our recipes for Butternut Spice Cookies, and Acorn Squash-Oat Muffins!

We also have photos & more info about squash varieties, storage, and cooking here.

Relish – “Relish the Summer” Summer Squash & Sweet Pepper Relish
500ml = $13.50

ingredients: zucchini*, onions*, sweet peppers*, white vinegar, organic cane sugar, sea salt, celery seed, turmeric powder, mustard seed

*sustainably grown at Sweet Digz Farm

“Sundried” Cherry Tomatoes  –  45g in a resealable snack bag = $4.25

Scrumptious, so sweet it’s definitely candy!  These add a rich sweet flavour to pizza, or soups, sauces, stir-fries… if they don’t get gobbled up first.

These last for many months in a pantry, and for longer storage perhaps best in the fridge.

Hot Sauce

Our “Dig-it-Hot” sauce, made with our own hot peppers:

3 flavours: Jalapeno, Cayenne, and West Coast Hot (a trio of Jalapeno + Cayenne + Habanero)

250ml (8.5oz) bottle* = $11.50
limit of 6 per customer

*this is a new bottle size, due to COVID-related delays in shipment of bottle caps for our usual size

Chili Flakes

28g jar  Cayenne peppers  – a dash of summer heat all year long!
$6 per jar