*Food for All*

RASC and Sweet Digz Farm staff touring our fields in June 2018

“Food security is having enough affordable healthy food to eat.
Having access to all food groups, food that can provide well balanced meals.
Food security is about having the knowledge on what to cook
and how to cook it.
It is having a place to store food and a place to share food.”
-RASC Committee

We are very honoured to provide a weekly CSA box to members of the Richmond Advocacy Support Committee (RASC), to support their  Veggie Cookbook project, and to have provided farm-fresh veggies for their community kitchen recipe creation and healthy food education.  And we are extremely grateful that RASC members have decided to donate proceeds from their cookbook sales to support more people receiving SHARE it Forward veggies!  Amazing!

Our partnership story:
The launch of our SHARE it Forward project in 2018 was timed perfectly with what Richmond’s Poverty Response Committee (PRC) and RASC had underway to learn about and advocate for better access to healthy food (and the inseparable issues of clean water, accessible transportation, and housing).  It was a perfect match – we sent regular fresh harvests to RASC meetings and kitchen workshops, and they in turn came up with recipes, stories, and important perspectives to share with the community.

We loved having RASC members come to the farm for a visit, and were inspired by the forum they organized at the end of the year about Food & Transportation.  Their definition of food security shared at that forum made a lasting impression on us.  It captured the essence of why we farm, and the sharing & caring community that we experience when we bring our veggies to market.

We hope that the love of fresh nutritious food conveyed in the RASC recipes inspires all of us to take good care of the earth, share with one another, and nourish our health by eating fresh local colourful delicious nutritious veggies!

Read here for more info about RASC.