Sweet Digz Bucks

COVID-19 Update: Sweet Digz Bucks are currently not available, as we are suspending our Saturday Market this Summer and directing all our growing efforts towards our CSA delivery program.

Sweet Digz Bucks pre-season registration is open from February until the fall.

Buy Sweet Digz Bucks and leave your cash behind!

Or give someone a gift of healthy local organic veggies – a Sweet Digz Bucks card makes a great gift!

How it works:

  • Register and pre-pay in the Spring to help us with start-up costs, or join any time throughout the season (Minimum payments: $50).
  • Pick up your Pre-paid transferrable card at our Market in June
  • Top-up anytime your balance runs low (Minimum installments: $50)
  • We email a weekly harvest list during our market season so you know what will be available week to week.  These emails sometimes include storage & prep ideas, nutritional info & recipes.

You’re making a difference!
Three meals a day, you can be the change you want to see in the world.
Your commitment supports local food security, ecologically regenerative agriculture, and positive solutions to climate change and the myriad of global issues connected to a massively unjust and unsustainable global industrial food system!  🙂

Help make healthy food accessible:
When you register, choose the option to add a donation to our SHARE it Forward fund, which enables us to donate veggies to neighbours in need.

Thank you for supporting Sweet Digz Farm!  With your up-front payment, we get an influx of funds early in the season when our expenses are high and our source of income still hasn’t sprouted out of the soil.  We are so grateful for this community support!

Register for Sweet Digz Bucks here.



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