Give a Bucks Gift!

COVID-19 Update: Sweet Digz Bucks gift cards are currently not available, as we are suspending our Saturday Market this Summer to direct all our growing efforts towards our CSA delivery program.

A creative & nourishing gift idea!

Give a Sweet Digz Bucks gift card that the recipient can use at our Saturday market.  Or make a SHARE-it Forward donation in somebody’s name.

Minimum $40

Fill in the form below and choose:

  • your dollar amount
  • real card or electronic version
  • pick up or delivery method.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cards sent by mail arrive with our market flyer, with the option of your greeting written on the back of the flyer.
  • Cards picked up by you at the market – Order & pay by 5pm Monday to pick up at that week’s Saturday market.  Prior to June, please choose other options.
  • Digital gift certificate is emailed to the recipient directly and includes market location & times.
  • Digital gift certificate emailed to you – same as above.

Cards will be sent or available for pick-up within 5 days of order form & payment receipt (add time for post delivery).

GIFT CARD ORDER FORM (not currently active):

Thank you!  Please proceed with payment (payment info here).

Processing time:

  • March-May: We will mail or email the card within 5 days of payment receipt.
  • June-Nov: We will send the card or have it ready at Market within 5 days of payment receipt.
  • Dec-March: We’re in digital semi-hibernation and possibly out of town so may take longer to reply.  Please feel free to send an email (or text to 778-883-3449) and – as soon as possible – we’ll get on it!